What is the 12Sync-Up Movement?

This website is "YOUR OWN 12 Sync-Up Place" to organize and to make more visible, the good stuff we think and do every day. Together, we are important and POWERFUL and will make this better world happen.

Together we'll watch our good deeds add up on our Wonderful People Meter. We all have 1,440 minutes every day and together we will make them count toward a better life for all.

Here you can share comments, actions, thoughts, stories, and good deeds, organized by the 12 monthly sync-up action-categories for easily focusing on celebrating what we all do together.

Our unified momentum can grow and be sustained - just like we all participate in keeping Holidays going year after year. The KEY is that we all know which month of the year to focus on each sync-up theme.

On this website, the name of each of the 12 months of the year becomes one of 12 "Brand Names" to get us all thinking and acting "in-sync" for 30 days, about one of 12 simple, and do-able aspects of getting along better together such as January's Sync-Up #1, to "Lend a Hand."

The more we all get involved and we all "sync-up", the conscious strength of each monthly action will grow among us. Imagine when we all acting together to practice Sync-Up #3 to "Resolve Conflicts throughout all the 31 days of the month of March. WOW!



12 Sync-Ups of Wonderful People is YOUR site - a year-round, "people involving people" place to sync-up every month. 

Together we will inspire more cooperative attitudes and improved health and well-being in our own lives - PLUS we'll help uplift our children, schools, families, communities and our work places everywhere.

To inspire us all to sync-up every month about one of 12 aspects of how to treat each other better every day and BE the change we want to see in our world.