About Elaine Parke

“Because I, like you, care deeply about all of us, our planet, and our children’s future, I became First Synchronizer for “12 Sync-Ups for Wonderful People”.

It's time we all treated each other better more often. We think we are so ***** civilized. Yet we have intolerable levels of human abuse, institutional corruption, and ideological and economically driven global wars that are barbaric.

I feel the negative overwhelms me but what is positive is fleeting and fragmented. My life purpose is to bring visibility, inspiration and order to the power for good among us.

HOW? 12 Sync-Ups.org is a place for us to get organized and focused each month on one of 12 simple action themes that we can all agree on and we can all do. No matter who you are or where you are – you will know that everyone is focused on the same good action idea at the same time -- and for an entire month.

Like holidays we share together, these 12 Sync-Up monthly themes will bring us together, help us inspire one another, and watch our people power for good grow.

Please join me by taking this month’s theme for good into your own life. Chat with me, or send me a question. Post your own actions. Sign the promise to become involved. Become a good example for others by sharing your own monthly actions, ideas, poems, photos, and stories of good around you that relate to the current month’s sync-up.

A lifelong youth-volunteer, at age 19, TIME Magazine reported on Elaine's volunteer work with Chicago Racketeer, Cobra and Vice-Lord gang kids. Then, a marketing student at Northwestern University she asked herself, "How do we expand the power and scope of positive influence to reach more people and our children more easily?"

Mrs. Parke's first response was to spend twenty-five years fine-tuning her mass-market media skills in corporate America. In addition to youth volunteering, she holds two U.S. patents and is "Mom" to now-grown sons whom she describes as "the two of the nicest people I know."

During this time, Elaine realized that "media" and "branding" held the power to effectively reach large numbers of people and could help broaden the positive influence each of us has every day. "Gandhi, had it right." Elaine always says, "We need to BE the change we want to see in our world but we need a better plan of organized monthly reminders to help us consistently remember to do that."

Initially, to fulfill her dream to broaden her ability to positively influence all of us, Elaine wrote a 12-month inspirational book, called Join the Golden Rule Revolution. Then, in 1999, with financial support from Blue Cross, this evolved into the Caring Habit of the Month Adventure as a community revitalization and school anti-bullying model.

In 2007, with support from Rotary International, Elaine was invited to Rwanda to train Rwandan School Headmasters about her monthly model. Now, 12 Caring Habits-Rwanda is helping prevent future genocides by promoting peace among Rwanda's youth.

NOW, Elaine's 12-month protocol for getting along better together has been refreshed and renewed to embrace the strength of social media to invite us all to "Sync-Up" and to become "In Sync" with each other. With 12 monthly consistent and sustainable habit-forming reminders, we will enjoy our own lives more while being part of a growing force toward helping others to do the same. Welcome to the monthly12 Sync-Up Movement. We're glad you're here.