In November, Remember to.....Show a Positive Attitude !

This is my favorite month’s habit - to Show a Positive Attitude. Our celebration color is “SUNNY Yellow.” Yellow is cheerful - the radiance of the day’s new sun as it first rises into the morning sky. This is the month to work on our perspective about life and to share a positive attitude more often. Sometimes it is necessary to “fake it ‘til we make it.“ When we do this, we often find that a “true” positive attitude will come about more quickly. Meanwhile, we’ve curtailed our negative ripples from spreading out to other family, friends, and co-workers. Enjoy the moments as they happen this month and especially the joy of Thanksgiving with friends and family. Make positive memories to savor again and again.

Over the years, from the internet and friends, I’ve collected many little short jokes or humorous children’s comments. This month, to “Show a Positive Attitude” I am sharing one each day with you. If you have some good positive attitude “one-liners” please write and share them with me.